Wildlife Trapping

Wildlife X Team® South Texas knows animals and how to properly trap them. Effective trapping not only limits the stress and harm to the animals but to your home as well. We have a professional staff with years of experience to set traps and remove problem wildlife from your home and yard. Most wildlife such as squirrels and rats are removed by the placement of traps. The placement of the trap is critical to the effective removal of the animal in a humane and timely manner. Although some pest may seem harmless and easy to trap and remove, a novice may cause stress or harm to the animal. It is best to leave trapping and removal to professionals to ensure the animal is being treated humanely.

Leave it to Wildlife X Team

Animal trapping can be dangerous, so it's best left to the professionals at Wildlife X Team® South Texas. Animals often become aggressive when trapped or cornered and will do anything to escape. Expertise, experience, and laws can comprise the wildlife trapping process. From licensing and legal issues, to trap type/size, lures, and baits, placement, and presentation, care for the animal’s comfort, the safety of people and animal, etc. If trapping and removal of wildlife are not handled properly, wildlife issues can escalate quickly and become even more costly to manage. We also have a wide variety of traps to effectively remove any animal causing harm or damage in your area. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to handle your specific situation. Our professionals can make the call, choosing the trap that will cause the least harm and stress to the animal Call today! 361.765.9334 

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Project: Repair/Partially Replace Wood ir Fiber-Cemet Siding
"Did a very good job. Very professional and pleased with the work they did."
Rick K.
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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